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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Andrea Vlahakis: Christmas Eve Blizzard
A young boy and his abuelo push aside their Christmas preparation to rescue a beautiful cardinal during a blizzard. The bird quickly responds to their kindness, regains it strength, and flies off. The cardinal sweetly and unexpectedly rewards the boy, his grandfather, and their entire village with a lifetime of Christmas cheer. The “For Creative Minds” section contains instructions to create a bird-friendly backyard, simple bird feeder crafts, a “Cardinal Numbers” math game, and information on what to do if you find an injured bird. Encourages children to care for animals.
JUVENILE FICTION / Holidays & Celebrations / Christmas & Advent

Charles Dickens: Christmas Stories
The festive traditions that sprang up in Victorian times are often attributed in part to the Christmas stories of Charles Dickens and their evocative depictions of nineteenth-century life. This collection brings together five of Dickens'best-known Christmas stories: A Christmas Carol
The Chimes
'The Cricket on the Hearth
The Battle of Life
The Haunted Man'.

CHRISTMAS STORIES / Fiction / Classics

Gooseberry Patch: Homemade Christmas
Grandma's gingerbread cookies cooling on the counter, an old-fashioned popcorn & cranberry garland on the tree and gifts made by hand, from the heart...sounds like a Homemade Christmas is on its way! Filled with scrumptious recipes that'll make holidays to remember, our new book is a festive must-have. Simple yet impressive dishes for your gatherings, celebrations and special family meals...we've got you covered with recipes like Nan's cinnamon rolls, savory sausage balls, ham & cheese quiche, holiday pork loin and red velvet Christmas cake. Great gifts from the kitchen are also included as well as plenty inspiring tips and ideas for celebrating with family & friends!

COOKING / Seasonal / Christmas cooking

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