Decemberi e-könyv-ajánló

Tony Johnston: Noel
The beauty and spirit of Christmas resounds in the melodic chimes of a church bell in this lyrical picture book by well-known author Tony Johnston with breathtaking illustrations by watercolor artist Cheng-Khee Chee. On Christmas Eve, people bundle up in the cold and follow the sounds of the bell to gather in celebration. Creatures great—children, dogs, cats, and birds—and small stop to listen as a brass band marches through town. The poetry and imagery of these verses and the classic feel of this lush artwork make for a memorable Christmas read-aloud.
Christmas--Juvenile poetry

Gertrud G. Champe: To Set Before the King : Katharina Schratt's Festive Recipes
To Set before the King is the first translation from a manuscript to appear in our series, and, given the nature of this particular manuscript, the contributors to this volume have provided appropriate historical, social, political, economic, artistic, and culinary background. "The king" is Franz Joseph I, emperor of Austria and king of Hungary. The manuscript belonged to the actress Katharina Schratt, whom the emperor addressed as "My dear, good Friend." It is not in her handwriting. Our contributors speculate on who may have written it and for what purposes it may have been prepared. It was undoubtedly intended for private use but is now made available to a much wider readership.
COOKING / Regional & Ethnic / European


Mary Gluck: The Invisible Jewish Budapest : Metropolitan Culture at the Fin De Siècle
Budapest at the fin de siècle was famed and emulated for its cosmopolitan urban culture and nightlife. It was also the second-largest Jewish city in Europe. Mary Gluck delves into the popular culture of Budapest's coffee houses, music halls, and humor magazines to uncover the enormous influence of assimilated Jews in creating modernist Budapest between 1867 and 1914. She explores the paradox of Budapest in this era: because much of the Jewish population embraced and promoted a secular, metropolitan culture, their influence as Jews was both profound and invisible.
Popular culture--Hungary--Budapest--History


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