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Margaret Armstrong, a prolific book cover designer and illustrator, spent a few years traveling around the western United States at the beginning of the twentieth century, and in 1911 she was one of the first women to descend to the floor of the Grand Canyon. There she discovered some new flower species and began writing and illustrating the exquisite and thorough Field Book of Western Wildflowers. This was the first comprehensive handbook to supply detailed information about the plethora of flowers growing in the western United States and includes detailed information on seventy-five plant families,  like water-plantain, lily, buttercup, poppy, mustard, hydrangea,  plum, rose, cactus, wintergreen, figwort, and valerian families, and many others.Armstrong includes information on key characteristics of each species, including height,  leaf and petal features, colors, where each flower can most likely be found, ideal conditions they flourish in, and much more.
If you go down to the woods today... Meet Daniel, his friend Max and his sister Pippa. They have just arrived on a summer holiday in the Welsh forest. Can Pippa really see fairies in the trees? Is that old house in the woods really a magnificent castle? And who is that strange boy living in a shed with his frail uncle? A frightening, exciting and life-changing adventure awaits.Are you brave enough to join them? This is the first in a series of stories for children set in Ogham Forest, Wales: one of the most magical kingdoms in the entire British Isles.
How it really was: the legendary John Lennon as witnessed by those who were there.  He started as a wannabe British Buddy Holly, found his own passionate but sarcastic voice as leader of the world's most  famous foursome, and burst out of the Beatles bubble in a dramatic decade of trouble and strife while tirelessly striving for  peace and love. Forty years after his most visionary anthem, Imagine, Rock's Backpages Anthologies retrieve from the vaults the key interviews, eyewitness accounts, contemporary insights and penetrating hindsights that tell the story from the Liverpool church hall to the Hollywood Bowl, from John's struggles with Paul, Yoko, Nixon's America, and his own demons to the shock of his murder at the Dakota. Collecting the cream of such fabled writers as Philip Norman, Ian MacDonald, Dave Marsh, Chris Charlesworth, Richard Williams, Gavin Martin, Loraine Alterman, Michael Lydon, Johnny Black, Paul Williams,
 Al Aronowitz,
Miles, Charles Shaar Murray, Andrew Tyler, Wayne Robins, and Norman Jopling, The John Lennon Electric Omnibus  is an essential addition to the Beatles library.
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