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Kolosov, Jacqueline: Paris, Modigliani & Me
A summer in Paris as a nanny should be a dream job for eighteen-year-old Julie, but it feels more like a consolation prize after not getting into the Art Institute of Chicago, her dream school. Her mom wants her to come back to Texas and attend a state college in the fall, but Julie isn't sure what she wants anymore. One thing she does know is that she's going to find the French father she's never met while she's in Paris. Whether her mother likes it or not. Being a nanny to lively, fashion-minded Genevieve turns out to be fun and good for meeting a trio of intriguing guys. Jean Paul, Clay and Luc show Julie different parts of the city and help keep her mind off the problem of What To Do Next. And of course, Paris is, well, Paris, and that certainly helps. Also, Genevieve's mother, Claire manages an art gallery and Julie gets drawn into the Paris art scene. The situation heats up when a new, previously unknown work by Modigliani, one of Julie's favorite artists, is discovered and acquired by the gallery. Julie's affections are pulled in three different directions while she tries to discover if the new Modigliani is real or a forgery, or painted by Modigliani's mistress, Jeanne Hébuterne. Can the story of Modigliani and Jeanne provide any clues that will help guide her own path? Another croissant certainly wouldn't hurt, either.

Hill, Grace Livingston: Happiness Hill
Jane Arleth's mountain vacation is cut short when she receives news that both her parents have been sick back home. Anxious to help but sad to leave a rare chance to relax for the hard times ahead, Jane returns to the city. She soon discovers that there's only one cure for her ailing parents: some much-deserved, cooling time away from the scorching city. So Jane rents a tiny cottage on the beach, hoping for the best. What she finds is a summer that opens her heart to love.

Hopson, Antonio J.: Global Warming : A Love Story
A romance at the surface, but look closer, and you'll see this hybrid love story also addresses the fate of the planet. Julian, a workaholic-romantic, returns to school and falls head-over-heels for Allison, a lithe and lovely twenty-year-old college student while taking a course that examines the nuances of global warming. In class, they pass notes, flirt, and slowly a relationship evolves. When Julian discovers that Allison is due to marry her high school sweetheart, he risks all-including his job-to impress her, seduce her and steal her away. During a final exam, dressed as a dictator, he reads a treaty on the social economics of climate change, threaded with stanzas from a divine poem written centuries ago by Sappho. Allison is moved by his courtship. Includes bikers, twisted fairytales, whiskey-drinking poets and a cynical, Kerouac-loving friend who can cite passages with a cigarette hanging from his mouth and a beer in hand. It has foreplay, after-play, rejection, respite, acceptance, and rejection again. A fast-paced, witty and smart read that gives a gritty, behind the scenes look at seduction.

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