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100% Acid Jazz L 1910
100% Swing Dance Club L 2112

ACOUSTIC ALCHEMY: The very best of L 2377
ACUNA, Claudia: Wind from the south L 1584
Africa Straight Ahead L 2770
ARMSTRONG, Louis live recording A 2750
ARMSTRONG, Louis & The All Stars (1965) L 100
ARMSTRONG, Louis: Hello Dolly L 446
ARMSTRONG, Louis: Tiger rag K 1584kö
ARMSTRONG, Louis: What a wonderful world L 2687; A 5651
Atlantic Jazz - Mainstream L 66

BAD PLUS, The: Prog L 4406
BAKER, Chet: Oh You Crazy Moon L 2433
BAKER, Chet: Tenderly (Jazz Club Legends) L 11005
BAKKEN, Rebekka: I keep my cool L 4082
BAKKEN, Rebekka: Little drop of poison L 9582
Bar Jazz L 10983
BARBER, Chris Jazz Band A 1073
BARBER, Patricia: Mythologies L 4221
BARBIERI, Gato: Gato Barbieri's Finest Hour L 1750
BASIE, Count: The Great Count Basie A 2921
BATTISTA, Stefano di: Round about Roma L 2257
BEIDERBECKE, Bix A 3313/1-2
BENNETT, Tony: Duets L 7798
BENNETT, Tony: Duets II L 7694
BENNETT, Tony: Tony Bennett L 2672
BENNETT, Tony-Lady Gaga: Cheek to cheek L 11485
BENNETT, Tony-Diana Krall: Love is here to stay L 12495 
BENSON, George: Absolute Benson L 1737
BENSON, George: The Best of Benson L 347
BENSON, George: Inspiration : a tribute to Nat King Cole L 8582
BENSON, George: Love for sale K 1580
BENSON, George: The ultimate collection L 9751-L 9752
BENSON, George & Al Jarreau: Givin' it up L 4157
Between the lines (music beyond categories) L 2216
BLAKEY, Art: Blakey's Theme L 2114
BONA, Richard: Bona Makes You Sweat - live L 4892
Bossa Nova L 10999
Bossa Nova Singers L 10884
BOTTI, Chris: Italia L 4891 
BOTTI, Chris: To Love Again L 3748
BOTTI, Chris: When I Fall In Love L 3071
Branford Marsalis Quartet: Braggtown L 4149
Branford Marsalis Quartet feat. Kurt Elling: Upward Spiral L 11079
BRAZILIAN GIRLS: New York City L 5074
BRECKER, Michael: Time is of the essence L 1370
BRECKER, Michael: Two blocks from the edge L 918
BRIDGEWATER, Dee Dee: Live at Yoshi's L 2823
BRIDGEWATER, Dee Dee: Midnight Sun L 7289
BROM, Gustav plays for you pop, jazz and swing A 1373
BRUBECK, Dave: 60 essential recordings L 12564-L 12566
BRUBECK, Dave: Brubeck meets Bach L 4570-L 4571
BRUBECK, Dave: Greatest hits L 1114
BRUBECK, Dave: Time In L 2715
BRUBECK, Dave: Dave Brubeck Quartet: Park Avenue South L 2763
BRUCE, Jack & hr-Bigband: More Jack Than Blues L 11059-DVD 3224
BRUFORD: One of a kind L 12241
BUBLÉ, Michael: Call me irresponsible L 4219
BUBLÉ, Michael: Christmas L 7283
BUBLÉ, Michael: Crazy Love L 5856
BUBLÉ, Michael: It's time L 3373
BUBLÉ, Michael: Love L 12547 
BUBLÉ, Michael: Nobody but me L 11133
BUBLÉ, Michael: To be loved L 8445
BURTON, Gary: Generations L 2762

C, Cs
CARTER, Regina: Motor City Moments L 2376
CHAMBER, Dennis/Greg Howe/Victor Wooten: Extraction L 6380
CHASE: Chase/Ennea/Pure Music L 6504-L 6505
CINELU, Mino: Quest Journey L 2316
CLARK, Sonny: Dial "S" for Sonny L 3102
CLARKE, Stanley: Journey to love L 6544
COBHAM, Billy: Crosswinds L 9393
COBHAM, Billy: Spectrum L 9796 
Coffee Time Jazz L 10990
COLE, Nat King: Nat King Cole L 2247
COLE, Natalie: Ask a woman who knows L 2334
COLTRANE, John: Coltrane for lovers L 1756
COLTRANE, John: My favorite things L 589
COLTRANE, John: Duke Ellington & John Coltrane L 4895
CONNICK Jr, Harry: Harry Connick Jr L 11994
CONNICK Jr, Harry: Your Songs L 12041
CONNOR, Chris: Introducing L 5034.1
Cool Jazz L 10981
COREA, Chick: Electric Chick (Jazz Club Legends) L 11540
COREA, Chick: My Spanish Heart L 4905
COREA, Chick: The Ultimate Adventure L 3619
COREA, Chick and Return to forever: Hymn of the seventh galaxy L 3254
COREA, Chick and Return to forever: Light as a feather L 371
COREA, Chick and Return to forever: Where have I known you before A 4085
COREA, Chick & The Origin: Change L 2773
COREA, Chick & Béla Fleck: The Enchantment L 4333
COREA, Chick & Béla Fleck: Two L 10202-L 10203
COREA, Chick & Hiromi: Duet L 9349-L 9350
COSBY, Bill: My Appreciation L 428
CULLUM, Jamie: Interlude L 9499
CULLUM, Jamie: Momentum L 8495
CULLUM, Jamie: Twenty Something L 3441

DANDRIDGE, Dorothy: Smooth Operator L 3622
Dave Brubeck Quartet: Park Avenue South L 2763
DAVE HOLLAND BIG BAND: What goes around L 2410
DAVIS, Miles: Birdland 1951 L 2640
DAVIS, Miles: Bitches Brew L 9244-L 9245
DAVIS, Miles: The complete birth of the cool L 1042
DAVIS, Miles: Filles de Kilimanjaro L 2391
DAVIS, Miles: Kind of blue L 568
DAVIS, Miles: Sketches of Spain L 99
DAVISON, Wild Bill and Classic Jazz Collegium A 2468
DE FRANCESCO, Joey: Live at Yoshi's L 1976
Desfinado (Ogerman-Jobim-Sinatra) L 2768
DI MEOLA, Al: All your life: a tribute to The Beatles recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London L 8920
DI MEOLA, Al: Diabolic Inventions and Seduction L 5386
DI MEOLA, Al: Elegant Gypsy L 5797
DI MEOLA, Al: Land of the midnight sun L 220
DI MEOLA, Al: Splendido Hotel ; Electric Rendezvous L 9257-L 9258
DI MEOLA- McLAUGHLIN-LUCIA: Friday night in San Francisco L 433
DI MEOLA, Al - World Sinfonia: Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody L 7051
DIRTY DOZEN BRASS BAND: Medicated Magic L 2293
Dixieland: The sound of dixieland L 10887
DOLPHY, Eric: Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy L 4579-L 4580
DOMNÉRUS, Arne: Antiphone Blues L 5911
DOUGLAS, Dave & Joe Lovano: Sound prints : live at Monterey Jazz Festival L 10546
D'RIVERA, Paquito: Spice It Up! - Best of L 5912
DUKE, George: Déja Vu L 6370
DULFER, Candy: Live in Amsterdam L 1885

EASTWOOD, Kyle: From there to here L 2024
ELLING, Kurt: Man in the air L 2630
ELLINGTON, Duke: Complete vol. 9 (1937) A 3305/1-2
ELLINGTON, Duke at the Cotton Club A 2463
ELLINGTON, Duke at the Cotton Club A 3058
ELLINGTON, Duke és zenekara (1940/41) A 3917
ELLINGTON, Duke New York (1946) A 2457
ELLINGTON, Duke (Jazz Masters 4.) L 429

ELLINGTON, Duke: Duke Ellington & John Coltrane L 4895
EMERALD, Caro: Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor L 6981
EMERALD, Caro: The Shocking Miss Emerald L 8492
ENJA Records: The More We Know L 2419
The Erroll Garner Trio: The Greatest Garner L 3553
EVANS, Gil & Sting: Last Session L 2771
EVANS, Gil & Sting: Strange Fruit L 1908
Ez jazz (válogatás) L 1202

Famous Jazz Pianists A 2681
Famous Jazz Singers A 2380
Famous Jazz Singers A 2382
The Faust Experience (válogatás) L 1412
Fejezetek a jazz történetébol L 1195
FITZGERALD, Ella & Louis Armstrong A 2459
FITZGERALD, Ella live at Carnegie Hall 1973 A 2472/1-2
FITZGERALD, Ella: Basin Street Blues A 2782
FITZGERALD, Ella: First lady of song L 482
FLECK, Bela & The Flecktones: Live at The Quick L 2063
FLECK, Bela & Chick Corea: The Enchantment L 4333
FLECK, Bela & Chick Corea: Two L 10202-L 10203
FLECK, Bela , Zakir Hussain, Edgar Meyer: The Melody of Rhythm L 5699
FOSTER, Al: Oh! L 2256
FOURPLAY: Esprit de Four L 8264 
FRISELL, Bill with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones L 1995
From Jamaica With Jazz ( Jazz Club World) L 11535
Funk yourself! L 10996 79'28"
FYGI, Laura: The Latin Touch L 1483

G, Gy
GAMBARINI, Roberta: So in Love L 5869
GARBAREK, Jan: Places L 227
GARBAREK, Jan: Twelve Moons L 410
GARBAREK, Jan- The Hilliard Ensemble: Officium Novum L 11397
GARDOT, Melody: The Absence L 8121 57'30"
GARDOT, Melody: Currency of Man L 10273
GARDOT, Melody: Worrisome Heart L 5070
GETZ, Stan: Anniversary L 374
GETZ, Stan: What the world needs now L 1242
GETZ, Stan: Getz/Gilberto feat. Antonio Carlos Jobim L 9578
GILBERTO, Astrud: The Astrud Gilberto Album L 2784
GILBERTO, Joao: Getz/Gilberto feat. Antonio Carlos Jobim L 9578
GILLESPIE, Dizzy: Dizzy Gillespie L 2673
GO (Stomu Yamash'ta, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve): Go L 12172 
GO: Live from Paris L 6547
GRAPELLI, Stéphane: Grapelli Story L 3247-L 3248
GRUSIN, Dave: Gershwin connection L 521

HADEN, Charlie: Nocturne L 2014
HADEN, Charlie-Keith Jarrett: Last Dance L 9143
Hall, Jim: Concierto L 2061
HAMPTON, Lionel: You Better Know It!!! L 3639
HANCOCK, Herbie: Head Hunters L 9283
HANCOCK, Herbie: The Imagine Project L 6378
HANCOCK, Herbie: Jazz Profile L 1054
HANCOCK, Herbie: The Prisoner L 1769

HANCOCK, Herbie: River: The Joni Letters L 4886
HANCOCK, Herbie: Secrets L 12250
HANCOCK, Herbie: Thrust L 12251
HARGROVE, Roy: Moment to moment L 1586
HENDERSON, Joe (Big Band) L 703
HODGES, Johnny L 1312
HOLIDAY, Billie: A Fine Romance L 6518
HOLIDAY, Billie: All of me L 6517
HOLIDAY, Billie: Body and Soul L 3253
HOLIDAY, Billie: I loves you, Porgy L 6516
HOLLAND, Dave with Bill Frisell and Elvin Jones L 1995
HOLLAND, Dave: Oh! L 2256
HOLLAND, Dave: What goes on L 2410

HOWE, Greg/Victor Wooten/Dennis Chamber: Extraction L 6380
HUNTER, Charlie - PARKER, Leon: Duo L 1166



IBRAHIM, Abdullah (Dollar Brand): Memories L 1912
ILG, Dieter: Mein Beethoven L 11353
In Memory of Duke Ellington A 3790
Interjazz 5. - Milan Svoboda and the Polish-Czech Big Band A 5503
"Istoria Jazzului" Nr.2. - New Orleans /Jazztörténet A 1279

JACQUES LOUSSIER TRIO: Vivaldi: A négy évszak L 1903
JACQUES LOUSSIER TRIO: Schumann: Kinderszenen L 7804
Jaco Pastorius Big Band: Word of Mouth Revisited L 2769
JAMES, José: Yesterday I Had The Blues: The Music of Billie Holiday L 10556
JARREAU, Al: Accentuate the positive L 2880
JARREAU, Al: My Old Friend : celebrating George Duke L 9395
JARREAU, Al: One Note Samba L 2796
JARREAU, Al: Tomorrow today L 1415
JARREAU, Al & the Metropole Orkest: Live L 8126
JARRETT, Keith: Byablue L 483
JARRETT, Keith: The Köln Concert L 2042
JARRETT, Keith: Paris concert L 216
JARRETT, Keith: Up for it L 2434
JARRETT, Keith-Charlie Haden: Last Dance L 9143
JARRETT, Keith-Gary Pacock-Jack DeJohnette: After The Fall L 12195-L 12196
JARRETT, Keith-Gary Peacock-Jack DeJohnette: Somewhere L 8487
Jazz for Dining L 11000
Jazz for Kids L 3260

Jazz for Meditation L 11538
Jazz for the Road L 10980
Jazz Giants A 2458

Jazz Goes Hollywood (filmzenék) L 11536
Jazz History I. A 3342/1-10
Jazz History II. A 3343/1-10
Jazz inspired piano compositions A 1321/1-2
Jazz Jamboree 75, vol.1. A 2692
Jazz Jamboree 76, vol.1. A 2791
Jazz Ladies L 11539
Jazz panoráma A 2470
Jazz portrék a kezdetektől az ötvenes évekig L 3561
Jazz Remixed L 11001
Jazz Samba L 10986 
Jazz Swings Pop L 10994
Jazz ze studia "A" A 1577
JOBIM, Antonio Carlos: Getz/Gilberto feat. Antonio Carlos Jobim L 9578
John Patitucci Trio: Remembrance L 6629
Johnny Hodges with Billy Strayhorn and the Orchestra L 1312
JOHNSON, Eric-Mike Stern: Eclectic L 9664
JONES, Elvin with Bill Frisell and Dave Holland L 1995

JONES, Hank: Joe Lovano and Hank Jones: Kids (live) L 4544
JONES, Norah: Come away with me L 1982
JONES, Norah: Day breaks L 11077
JONES, Norah: The Fall L 5739
JONES, Norah:...featuring Norah Jones L 6605
JONES, Norah: Feels like home L 2631
JONES, Norah: Little broken hearts L 7726
JONES, Norah: Not too late (DVD-vel) L 4106
JONES, Quincy: Summer in the City L 4420
Joshua Redman Elastic Band: Momentum L 3370

Keith Emerson Trio: The Keith Emerson Trio L 10660 24'44"
Keith Jarett Trio: Up for it L 2434
Kings of jazz A 2922
KNIGHT, Gladys: At last L 1728
KOMBO: Cookin' out L 1757
KRALL, Diana: All for You L 2686
KRALL, Diana: Christmas Songs L 3449
KRALL, Diana: From this moment on L 3855
KRALL, Diana: Glad Rag Doll L 8265
KRALL, Diana: Live in Paris L 2161
KRALL, Diana: Quiet Nights L 5450
KRALL, Diana: The girl in the other room L 2711
KRALL, Diana: The look of love L 1821
KRALL, Diana: Stepping out L 1620
KRALL, Diana: Wallflower L 9839 
KRALL, Diana: When I look in your eyes L 1216

L, Ly
Latin Jazz (Jazz Club : World) L 10998
LLOYD, Charles: Wild Man Dance L 10532 74'30"
LOVANO, Joe: Celebrating Sinatra L 1926
LOVANO, Joe: Oh! L 2256

LOVANO, Joe and Hank Jones: Kids (live) L 4544
LOVANO, Joe & Dave Douglas: Sound prints : live at Monterey Jazz Festival L 10546
LUCIA, Paco de: Paco de Lucia: Flameco Virtuso L 11104 

MAALOUF, Ibrahim: Diagnostic L 8439
MAALOUF, Ibrahim: Wind L 8440
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA: Between Nothingness & Eternity L 6416
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA: The Inner Mounting Flame L 6527
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA: Visions of the Emerald Beyond L 5812
MANHATTAN TRANSFER, The: The very best of L 2592
MANN, Herbie: My Little Suede Shoes L 2664
Mark Turner Quartet: Lathe of Heaven L 9508
MARSALIS, Branford: Requiem L 1954
MARSALIS, Wynton: Blakey's Theme L 2114
MARSALIS, Branford: Braggtown L 4149
MARSALIS, Branford: Upward Spiral L 11079
MARTINO, Pat: Live at Yoshi's L 1976
McFERRIN, Bobby: Bang! Zoom L 10498
McFERRIN, Bobby: The best of L 2951
McFERRIN, Bobby: Circle songs L 786
McFERRIN, Bobby: Spirityouall L 8481
McFERRIN, Bobby: VOCAbuLarieS L 6244
McLAUGHLIN, John: Black Light (with 4th Dimension) L 10173
McLAUGHLIN, John: The Heart of Things : Live in Paris L 1714
McLAUGHLIN, John: Saturday night in Bombay-Remember Shakti L 2385
McLAUGHLIN, John: Thieves and Poets L 2696
McLAUGHLIN, John/Pastorius/Williams: Trio Of Doom L 4825
McLAUGHLIN-SANTANA: Invitation to Illumination : Live at Montreux 2011 L 10394-L 10395
John McLaughlin Trio: Live at The Royal Festival Hall L 2787
McRAE, Carmen: No More Blues L 2665
Medeski/Scofield/Martin/Wood: Out Louder L 4314-L 4315
METHENY, Pat: One Quiet Night L 2417
METHENY, Pat: The Unity Sessions L 10750-L 10751
METHENY, Pat: What's it all about L 7127
METHENY, Pat: Works L 295
METHENY (Pat) GROUP: American Garage L 250
METHENY (Pat) GROUP: The road to you L 1468
METHENY (Pat) TRIO: 99-00 L 2005
MEZZOFORTE: Surprise surprise L 390
MILLER, Glenn: In The Mood L 2663
MILLER, Marcus: Afrodeezia L 9902
MILLER, Marcus: Laid Black L 12372
MILLER, Marcus: Live & More L 2291
MILLER, Marcus: Renaissance L 7946
MILLER, Marcus: S.M.V.: Thunder L 5273
MINGUS, Charles: Mingus Three L 1055
MINGUS, Charles: Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy L 4579-L 4580
MITCHELL, Joni: Mingus L 9489
MONHEIT, Jane: Taking A Chance On Love L 3132
MONK, Thelonious (Jazz Profile) L 905
The More We Know (30 years of ENJA Records) L 2419
MURRAY, David & Balogh Kálmán Gipsy Cimbalom Band L 3666

N, Ny
NERGAARD, Silje: Darkness out of blue L 4313
NEVILLE, Aaron: Nature Boy L 2689
Night and day (Verve Jazz Club) L 10997
NUCLEUS: Elastic Rock L 12245

OREGON: Best of The Vanguard Years L 1911

PARKER, Charlie: Bird's nest L 481
PARKER, Charlie: Unheard Bird: The Unissued Takes L 11019-L 11020
PARKER, Leon - HUNTER, Charlie: Duo L 1166
Party Jazz L 11537
PASTORIUS, Jaco: Jaco L 2110
PASTORIUS, Jaco: Jaco (filmzene) L 10440
PASTORIUS, Jaco: Punk Jazz L 4215-L 4216
PASTORIUS, Jaco (Big Band): Word of Mouth Revisited L 2769
PASTORIUS, Jaco/McLaughlin/Williams: Trio Of Doom L 4825
PATITUCCI, John: One more angel L 1902 L 1902
PATITUCCI, John: John Patitucci Trio: Remembrance L 6629
PETERSON, Lucky: Lucky Peterson L 1241
PETERSON, Oscar: I got rhythm L 1683
PETERSON, Oscar: The Way I really play A 2464
PETERSON, Oscar (Jazz Masters 16.) L 430
PETRUCCIANI, Michel: Live at The Village Vanguard L 2944
PEYROUX, Madeleine: Half the perfect world L 3854
PEYROUX, Madeleine: Keep me in your heart for a while : the best of L 9670-L 9671
PIZZARELLI, John: Bossa nova L 2765
Polish Jazz vol. 6. Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet A 2211
Polish Jazz vol. 14. The Andrej Kurylewicz Quintet A 2214
Polish Jazz vol. 15. The Wlodzimiesz Nahorny Trio A 2210
Polish Jazz vol. 22. Tomasz Stanko Quintet A 2206
Polish Jazz vol. 23. Old Metropolitan Band A 2202
Polish Jazz vol. 25. M. Kosz: Reminiscence A 2213
Polish Jazz vol. 30. Old Timers: Hold the line A 2205
Polish Jazz vol. 33. Zbigniew Namyslowski: Winobraine A 2212
Polish Jazz vol. 34. Jazz Carriers: Carry on! A 1924, A 1925 kö
Polish Jazz vol. 40. W. Karolak, J.P. Wroblewski: Mainstream A 2207
Polish Jazz vol. 41. Gold Washboard Live at the Stodola Club A 2203
Polish Jazz vol. 42. Cz. Gladkowski, K. Zgraja: Alter ego A 2209
Polish Jazz vol. 44. Old Timers: Meeting A 2396
Polish Jazz vol. 46. Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet A 1374, A 1815 kö
Polish Jazz vol. 48. Extra Ball: Birthday A 2208
Polish Jazz vol. 49. Laboratorium: Moder Pentathlon A 2720
Polish Jazz vol. 51. Vistula River Brass Band A 3129
Polish Jazz vol. 56. Swing Session A 3798
Polish Jazz vol. 59. Extra Bal: Go ahead A 3658
Polish Jazz vol. 67. Sami Swoi in concert A 4682
PONTY, Jean-Luc: Original album series L 12257-L 12261
A populáris zene antológiája (Klasszikus jazz, Swing korszak, Modern jazz, Európa és más kontinensek jazz-zenéje, Magyar jazz) K 1793/1-3;K 1794/1-3kö
PORTAL, Michel: Turbulence L 57
PORTER, Cole: The Cole Porter Songbook (The Verve Jazz Club : Highlights) L 11006
PORTER, Cole: The Cole Porter Songbook : Night and Day L 3648
Psychedelic Jazz L 11534
PURPLE PROSE: 13 songs L 1281


REEVES, Dianne: A Little Moonlight L 2457
REINHARDT, Django: Django' s blues L 2013
RETURN TO FOREVER: The Anthology L 5086-L 5087
RETURN TO FOREVER: Hymn of the seventh galaxy L 3254
RETURN TO FOREVER (feat.Chick Corea):Light as a feather L 371
RETURN TO FOREVER (feat. Chick Corea): No mystery L 12256
RETURN TO FOREVER: Romantic Warrior L 5184
RETURN TO FOREVER: Where have I known you before L 12255; A 4085
RITENOUR, Lee: 6 String Theory L 6379
RITENOUR, Lee: A Twist of Rit L 10051
RIVERS, Sam: Dimensions and Extensions L 5315
ROLLINS, Sonny: Sonny Rollins L 1755
RUBALCABA, Gonzalo: Paseo L 3094


S, Sz
Sampled! : the original jazz classics, rare grooves & breaks L 10984
SANCHES, David: Street Scenes L 2395
SANTANA: Borboletta L 6100
SANTANA: Caravanserai L 12234
SANTANA-McLAUGHLIN: Invitation to Illumination : Live at Montreux 2011 L 10394-L 10395
SARDE, Philippe: Flic ou Voyou ; Le Guignolo L 1749
Saxophone Ballads (Verve Jazzclub Moods) L 11002
SCHUUR, Diane & B.B. King: Heart to heart L 3244

SCOFIELD, John: Country for old men L 11657 
SCOFIELD, John: Oh! L 2256
SCOFIELD, John: The best of L 723
SCOFIELD, John: Works for me L 1739
ScoLoHoFo: Oh! L 2256
SCOTT, Jimmy: Moon Glow L 2772
SHORTER, Wayne: Footprints live! L 2057
SJÖKVIST, Gustaf: Antiphone Blues L 5911
Smoky Jazz L 10993
Smooth Running L 10992
S.M.V. (Stanley Clarke-Marcus Miller-Victor Wooten): Thunder L 5273
Soul Jazz L 10991 
SPALDING, Esperanza: Emily's D+evolution L 10881
SPYRO GYRA: Down The Wire L 5909
SPYRO GYRA: The Rhinebeck Sessions L 8901
SPYRO GYRA: Rites of Summer L 364
SYPRO GYRA: Spyro Gyra (1978) L 6099
ST. GERMAIN: Tourist L 1978-L 1979
STANLEY CLARKE TRIO, The: Jazz In The Garden L 5910
STERN, Mike: Between the lines L 637

STERN, Mike-Eric Johnson: Eclectic L 9664
STEWART, Rod: Stardust : The Great American Songbook Vol. III L 3085
STING & Gil Evans: Last Session L 2771
STING & Gil Evans: Strange Fruit L 1908
Summer Jazz L 11533
Superdrummers! L 10995
SUTTON, Ralph and Classic Jazz Collegium A 2746
The Swinging Big Bands L 10989
Swinging Classics L 10988
Swinging Gentlemen L 10987

Talkin' Jazz L 10985
TAYLOR, Paul: Hypnotic L 2111
TERRASSON, Jacky: A Paris. L 2083
THIELEMANS, Toots: Live L 3647
THORNTON, Teri: I'll be easy to find L 1413
Thriller jazz L 10982
TIGRAN: A Fable L 6987
TJADER, Cal: Soul Bird: Whiffenpoof L 3252

Trio Of Doom (McLaughlin/Pastorius/Williams) L 4825
TURNER, Mark: Mark Turner Quartet: Lathe of Heaven L 9508  


V, w
VELOSO, Caetano: Noites do Norte L 1752
VITOUS, Miroslav: Magical Shepherd L 9801
WAITS, Tom: Beautiful Maladies L 3644
WAITS, Tom: The Black Rider L 1734
WAITS, Tom & Crystal Gayle: One from the heart (filmzene) L 2887
WAR: Platinum Jazz L 6412
WASHINGTON, Dinah: Dinah! L 3255
WATERS, Benny & The Traditional Jazz Studio: Blue Water A 2628
WEATHER REPORT: The best of L 4572
WEATHER REPORT: Black market L 567
WEATHER REPORT: Sweetnighter L 7952
WEBSTER, Ben: Soulville L 3249
WECKL, Dave: Hard-Wired L 713
WIDMARK, Anders: Carmen L 1748
WILLIAMS, Ben: Coming of age L 10536
WILLIAMS, Tony: Wilderness L 805
WILLIAMS, Tony/McLaughlin/Pastorius: Trio Of Doom L 4825
WILSON, Cassandra: Belly of the sun L 1980

WOOTEN, Victor: S.M.V.: Thunder L 5273
WOOTEN, Victor/Greg Howe/Dennis Chamber: Extraction L 6380
WRIGHT, Lizz: The Orchard L 5071


YAMASH'TA, Stomu: Go!...Live from Paris L 6547
YELLOWJACKETS: Yellowjackets L 2593
YENGIBARIAN, David: David Yengibarian Octet: No Promise L 6494
YOUSSEF, Dhafer: Abu Nawas Rhapsody L 6630

ZADEH, Aziza Mustafa: Shamans L 1944
ZAPPA, Frank: Waka/Jawaka L 6555
ZAWINUL. Joe: Dialects L 2397

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