History of the library

Welcome to Bródy Sándor County and City Library!

You should visit us

if you are a student at any level of the education system, if you seek to spend your free time meaningfully, if you wish to bring up your child to become a reader, if you are interested in the events of the present and the past, if you want to find your way in issues related to the economy, culture, science and the arts, if you would like to expand your digital literacy, if you want to meet contemporary authors and artists, or if you are longing for a place of community where you can feel at home.

What we offer to our visitors

We offer our users accessibility, high-standard service environment, rich collections, diverse services, modern technical equipment and reliable quality.


Our library is open to everyone with free access to documents and information. Use our electronic catalogue to get 24/7 information about our collection. You can register online, renew items loaned to you from your home, and borrow items from the stocks of other libraries through interlibrary lending. You can find information about opening hours, events and new books on our website. You can post your opinion about daily happenings or “like” us on Facebook.

High-standard service environment

Our service environment is shaped to meet the needs of the users. We believe that a high-quality material environment creates a sense of trust in the visitors, and makes them feel that they have come to the right place.

Rich collections

The collections of our library are constantly changing both in quantity and in the composition of their content. Today we maintain almost 270,000 library documents. In our Local Knowledge, Music, Foreign Language, Law and Public Administration Sections, we aim to collect the literature of these fields in the widest range possible.

Diverse services

The majority of the items within our collection can be borrowed, and some are directly accessible on the open shelves. Rare, valuable books and journals may be used only in the library. Our users also have the opportunity to read journals, listen to music, use databases or use the Internet.

• borrowing: books, video and DVD films, audio books, CD’s, audio cassettes, sheet music, maps

• for use in the library: books, journals, CD-ROM’s, databases, local knowledge documents, listening to music

• read local press cuttings published before 1948 using digital microfilm readers

• interlibrary lending

• use of computers and the Internet, Wi-Fi wireless Internet access, guidance on electronic administration

• interactive web services: library newsletters, “Hangtárnok” blog run by the Music Section, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr

• for users with disabilities: reading machine for the blind, induction loop, sign language interpreter, books delivered to your home

• photocopying library documents, printing, scanning

• events, exhibitions, activities for children

• demonstrations on the use of the library, personalised information

• Internet courses to help attaining digital literacy, activities to introduce library and literature databases and catalogues

Reliable quality

No matter when you visit one of our Sections in person or virtually, we strive to give you quality service at all times and in every location. Our library employs highly committed staff with proper training in library services. Each one of our employees is responsible for preparedness, respectful behaviour and ethical conduct.


Bródy naptár

BRÓDY Hírlevél

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Cím: 3300 Eger Kossuth L. utca 16.
E-mail: info@brody.iif.hu
Telefon: 36/516-595

Központi könyvtár nyitvatartás
hétfő: 13-18
kedd-péntek: 10-18
szombat: 10-16

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